Saturday, April 30, 2005

Satellite view lets person ponder death of his hometown

The Yesbutnobutyes-Guy ponders the death of his hometown through a Google Maps satellite image.

He writes:
This is an image of the killer, the Amsterdam Mall. Celebrated as the future of the city when it went up. Holzheimer and Shaul women's clothing, Mortan's Men's Store, Lumart's shoes...stores that had been part of the community for decades, they all moved in immediately, as malls were the rage in the 70's nd 80's, and we needed one. Now it's a hollowed-out shell, a few professional offices and a chinese take-out place are all that remain. You see that road that it's basically sitting on? That was Main Street. The few buildings to the left that remain...they're all empty. (Read more and see the image..)
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