Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Google Earth sneak peek and reviews!

Brad Hill has tipped us off about the naming change from Keyhole to Google Earth as reported on this blog.

Here is an excerpt from his most informative post about the existing and perhaps forthcoming service from Google:

The Keyhole site does not yet reflect this name change, but an upgraded version of the Keyhole program will be called Google Earth, and will feature important enhancements of the current interface. If you have no tried Keyhole, I strongly recommend either doing so or planning to get it upon release of Google Earth, which might be less expensive or free. Keyhole/Earth provides a tremendous faux-flying experience unmatched by the still images in Google Maps, cool as they are. The Keyhole/Earth program is like the control panel of a personal flying machine, letting you cruise, dive, ascend, and tilt as you soar over the earthÂ’s terrain. The imagery database has been upgraded as already noted, so the resolution everywhere ranges from satisfying to spectacular.

Importantly, Google Earth will implement greater integration with Google Local. This means that local search results can, in some cases, be overlayed upon the earthÂ’s terrain sweeping beneath the user. Driving directions will be mapped upon the satellite imagery, and Earth will follow the route automatically, as in a test drive.

Here are some reviews also if you want to have a look at the new Google Earth interface. Some lucky Googlers were sent email and were invited to try it all out.

Here is a review of Google Earth Beta with an absolutely flooring screenshot of the new interface. All I can say is Wow. And you thought Google Maps Satellite was cool!

Here is an extensive review showing screenshots of the land rendering and 3D building viewing features.
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