Friday, June 03, 2005

Google Ridefinder shows you real-time locations of taxis on Google Maps!

Mauro Cherubini has pointed out that the previously mentioned Google Labs "RideFinder" project shows you the real-time locations of shuttles and taxis from it's mapping interface:

Google ridefinder makes visual the search for a taxi. It shows in real time the positions of these transports using google maps. Eventually logging the information for a week shows the usage of the streets. This is of interest for having a glimpse on the usage of the urban space.

-> Check out Google Ridefinder, choose a city and then click the "Update Vehicle Locations" button at the bottom of the map.

Hmm - maybe sometime in the future we'll be able to plot real-time locations of people?! I see a new reality tv show in the making..... ;) (Anyone seen EdTV?)
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