Thursday, November 24, 2005

4 new UK Google Maps mashups!

London Tube Lines on Google Maps - Jonathon Scott thought it would cool to create a map which showed all the London Underground lines running over it. The map really isn't usable as a transit mashup, since stations are not displayed as markers. Leaving stations out was due to the worry of load times (read more here), but I truly hope that someone takes it on to create one for London. As the OnNYTurf NYC transit map shows, it is possible to use the Google Maps API to include many station stops.


View full screen London Panoramas in Google Maps - Digitally Distributed Environments has made some improvements to their map of London Panoramas. Now, in addition to the bubble-sized image view you can also enlarge the panorama and view at full screen view (using QuickTime). Check here for the map, and here for more details. mashes up with Google Maps - is a takeaway and restaurant search that is now integrating with a Google Maps search interface. The integration is a tidy map panel in the restaurant search result displaying, on a Google Map, where that restaurant you have selected is located.

UK Motorsport Venues - Here is a very simple Google Map showing all the main motorsport venues, links and events.


Do you know of another UK-based Google Map mashup? Please comment to this post to tell others about it!

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