Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Google Maps API Official Blog

The Google Maps team has launched a new blog! Titled the Google Maps API Blog, it is intended to form a better channel of communication between Google and the developers making use of the Google Maps API to create all the great mashups and tools that are featured here on Google Maps Mania. Here is an excerpt from Google's Bret Taylor in the blog's first post:
Many Maps API developers have been asking for a better channel of communication between the Google Maps team and the developer community, and we have been listening. The Maps engineering team and I plan on posting typical blog things to this list, but we are going to focus on the issues that will help API developers the most, including:
  • An (approximately) weekly changelist listing the updates we are pushing to the API that week
  • Official announcements and updates
  • Workarounds for common API problems
  • Techniques for using the API and AJAX in general, e.g, techniques to avoid memory leaks in IE
  • API sites that have caught our attention
Check out the Google Maps API Blog..

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