Friday, November 11, 2005

Interesting Frappr Maps

Cool Maps!

Frappr has emerged as a unique user-driven application for Google Maps. The Frappr service provides a free Google Maps "canvas" for groups or enthusiasts of a certain topic to plot their locations and people have really taken to the concept.

I recently asked the gang at Frappr to submit a list of the most unique Frappr maps to date. Here is what they have come up with: - Just because they managed to fit almost 9,000 people on a single Google Map! - Because its an empty map... Slashdot can do better! - Where to find game development houses around your neighborhood - Flickr + Frappr? - Maybe there is some business possibilities here? =) - Map of celebrities and their photos =P - A little spooky, terror activities.

Do you know of a cool Frappr Map? If so, post a comment and let others know!
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