Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Google Maps Mashups: FAA, Amtrak, El Paso, Relay Race

FAA Air Traffic Control XML feed + Google Maps - This map takes the XML feed from the FAA's Air Traffic Control System Command Center, and mashes it up with the Google Maps API. The resulting map is useful for knowing general Airport delay information due to weather or traffic.

Amtrak Google Map - Here is a new Google Map that plots the routes and stations of the national Amtrak train system. Since the Amtrak website features a PDF view, this provides a lighter alternative for people looking to explore the network. Personally I think this mashup could use address information for the stations instead of the localized street map that shows up in the info window.

California Relay Race - The 2006 Wild Miles Relay is a 180 mile road race held in Southern California April 28-29. This Google Map that has been put up for the race has some impressive features including race-leg selection, scrolling of the leg-maps and a print current map function.

El Paso Google Maps - Here are a few Google Maps for the city of El Paso Texas:
Traffic cameras and border wait times and El Paso historical sites.

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