Thursday, March 09, 2006

4 great new Google Maps apps: packages, people, social, news

Google Maps Package Tracker + RSS - This new Google Maps tool will let you track any UPS, FedEx, USPS, and Airborne/DHL package on Google Maps and also lets you publish it into a personalized RSS feed! Sweet.[Via LifeHacker]

U.S. Person Maps - Here is a cool new Google Maps tool that lets you search the U.S. whitepages directory. Naturally all results for your person search is Google-mapped.. hence: - It's great for looking up old friends in different states or cities, finding relatives, etc (Read it: Stalking).

Flagr is Google Maps Sharewhere - Flagr is a new visual social bookmarking app that uses Google Maps as its canvas. It gives the ability for people to "bookmark" the real world and add pictures, all "Flagr'd" to a nifty Google Maps interface. Some nice programming in this new Web 2.0 social mashup! [Via AlwaysBeta]

GeoNews World NewsMap - This new world news map takes RSS feeds from Google News, BBC and CNN and plots the geographical locations on a map. There are facilities to comment on the stories, look up the places in Wikipedia and the CIA world factbook.
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