Saturday, April 15, 2006

3 new Google Maps Games

Heineken Google Maps Game - Heineken in Holland is making use of the Google Maps API for a fun little game on their website. To try it out you have to navigate some Dutch wording. Go here, then click "Ja" (right side) then click "Start Met De Tour". The object of the game is to center the map until your radio reception reaches 100%. I've only ever been able to tune into 99%, but the band sounds good! Good Luck.
Google Map Attack - Here's a cool new Google Maps game that lets you find key locations on the map. Signin with a username and password to log your points each time you come back, then start the available challenges. They range from finding Lake Erie to the Moscow Pentagram. Hints come in handy.. and hey - no cheating! Have fun!
G-Map Games (Firefox browser only) - These demo games show how Google Maps and Flash can be combined to have some fun. Created by a student at Perdue University, there are 3 to choose from (Blast is about the best) after you click "Demo".
To view the games please paste this URL into your browser:
(This is due to the way Blogger converts the "~" symbol in the linking, preventing it from working)

12 more Google Maps games can be found here..
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