Thursday, April 06, 2006

Find a place to play poker with this Google Maps mashup

Looking for a place to play live poker? Mark Stephens and Jay Sandhaus have just helped you with this by creating Mark has this to say:
"..I'm always flying somewhere and wondering where the nearest poker room is. There are loads of websites that say they'll help you find a poker room, but they're badly organized, and leave you to guess how close each poker room might be. Finding a game can be tough. We fixed that by building a database of casinos and other places you can play live poker, and making a web site that shows you nearby poker rooms on a map. No guessing about how far things are -- we show you the ten closest rooms sorted by distance, and even give you links to driving directions and the casino web site. Our site is free and extremely easy to use."

(Use zip code: 90210 if you are not in the U.S. to see how this mashup works..)

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