Wednesday, April 05, 2006 is a new celebrity sighting Google Map

(Updated Apr.5/5:45pm: Added Natalie Portman Google Map tracker)

Here is a new Google Maps powered mashup that plots locations of celebrity sightings and fan encounters. The site has a pretty nifty domain naming scheme as well; is the main website URL, then each celebrity is issued their own sub-domain (Eg: or The mashup creator is quick to point out that this not meant to be a real-time map: "This site is celebrity-oriented, not time-oriented and isn't intended (or even really equipped) to facilitate the meeting/stalking of celebrities." provides a linkback to your fan site or myspace page for anyone that submits a sighting.

In other news Gawker Stalker (the realtime Google celeb map mashup) continues to make major major news in the mainstream media. This time George Clooney is at the center of it all. (Take a look) This story made it to the national news last night here in Canada and I first learned about Gawker Stalker on BBC World while I was in Sri Lanka! It always blows my mind when I see a Google Map on television news, and this is one that has been seen around the world! :)

Update: This Google Map tracks Natalie Portman while she's in Toronto. [via]

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