Thursday, August 10, 2006

Burning Man Google Maps Mashups

If you're heading to this year's Burning Man Festival on Aug.28 - Sep.4th this year, Burning Man Beatmaps might help you discover events being held at the event that you otherwise might have never have heard about. The mashup comes from a newly launched event mashup called Beatmaps which includes categories for all types of events, including Burning Man. The interface is easy to use and it uses keywords and tagclouds to help you find information within the site. A nifty calendar helps you find date based event info as well. The Burning Man mashup lets you explore a list of all events and quickly learn how wild and crazy this event must be. It also acts as a great event map!

Meanwhile, 'The Civilized Explorer' features a wiki for folks visiting the Burning Man Festival with a link to a Tagzania map showing locations of places to shop in Reno for out of town visitors.
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