Friday, August 11, 2006

Google Maps Web 2.0 Mania

Google Maps remains an active ingredient in new sites hitting the Web 2.0 scene. Here is my latest installment of sites that seem to fit the web 2.0 bill and are making use of Google Maps..

Lovento is "Mapalistic"! - Lovento is VERY slick events site with web 2.0 characteristics oozing from it. 'Venue Maps' from the main page brings you to a list of venues for events and things to do for that city navigated through a tag cloud and of course, Google Maps! Focuses on cities in Germany, Spain and the USA. [Via]

RouteSlip - A Google Maps mashup for cycling enthusiasts to map and share routes.
GopherNow - 24 hour restaurant reference using Google Maps.

'Plazes' and People on Google Maps - Re-designed has tightly integrated Google Maps into their "plaze" and people searching. Plazes will detect your location on a Google Map then connect you with people and places near you. You can also share your "plazes" as well! This web 2.0 Google Maps mashup has huge mobile possibilities!

Blastr - Automotive classified site using Google Maps in zip code searching.
Tasty Cooks - Share and discover recipes on a Google Map!

MapSack - This Google Maps mashup sooo has its web 2.0 mojo going! Big text fields, rounded corner design (even on the logo), and just an overall great user interface with good interactivity between the map and text panels. This mashup lets you share places which you think are interesting, all over the world. Add photos and a description. Google Maps is the backdrop.

Yokel Local Product Search - Integrates Google Maps into "Maps & Directions" [Via]
EventSites (UK) - Event listing site mashing up with Flickr, EVDB and Google Maps [Via]

BeatMaps - Using a slick calendar, tag clouds and great database of listings this events site features things to do in New York, San Francisco and LA. It mashes up with NYSubway mashup OnNyTurf as well as Google Maps!

Verbdate - Dating mashup using Google Maps [Via]
Vianney Lecroart's Web 2.0 Resume - Uses Google Maps!
Flof - First Web 2.0 project in Argentina using Google Maps


eBay Map Searching tool gets updated - Uses Maps API V.2 and making zoom levels more accurate. Maps have also been added Germany and France.
Blockrocker goes mashup crazy! - now offers a geotagging bookmarklet (browser button) that lets you quickly/simply geotag any webpage and add it to BlockRocker. Also mashes up with Flickr, EVDB,, and Technorati.
WalkJogRun keeps going strong - Creator Adam Howitt has added calorie calculations and a status panel, along with personalization so that when you set your weight and speed while reviewing running routes, it sets a cookie on your machine so any time you revisit the site it shows routes at your pace and calories based on your weight for better accuracy.

Tons more Web 2.0 sites using Google Maps can be found here!
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