Monday, August 21, 2006

US Google Maps Mashups: DC Crime, US Schools, Congress Bills

Washington DC Crime Map - After the wave of US crime maps some months ago it's been a while since a good one has well built crime map has come along. is a great Google Maps Crime mashup that maps all types of crimes to their very location back as far as 2001. This map has great user interface design and search, along with some great pins for the map. Search for crimes in the US capital or neighboring Arlington Virginia. [Via]

US PK-12 School Search - Easy School Search is a new Google Maps mashup that combines a database of over 130,000 public and private elementary and secondary schools.. with Google Maps. Use this in your real estate search by entering a particular zip code or by freetext search in a particular state. The search results plot each school on map and also give an enormous amount of information about the school, as well as a driving directions tool. It might even be interesting to plug in your own child's school to just learn more about where they are attending!

Mapping 1,753 earmarks in the 2007 Appropriations Congress Bill - An earmark is a line-item that is inserted into a US Congress bill to direct funds to a specific project or recipient without any public hearing or review. This Map shows you those earmarks. More info here.

User-Submitted US Cell Coverage Map - An independent consumer driven website that aims to improve cellular phone service in the USA has created a map of the last 25 user submissions. Submit to the map here.
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