Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Australia Google Maps Mashup Roundup Part 4

Australia's Gold Coast Google Maps Mashup - Heading to Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast? Goldcoastchat (, a community portal for news, discussions and business directories has created a fantastic maps mashup of all the great things to do there and in the surrounding area. Tons of pins marking hotels, theme parks and wineries will help you plan your trip. Each map pin features heaps of information and the road maps will help you find your way. [Via]

Google Mapping Sydney Beaches - Did you know that there are over 150 beaches in the Sydney metropolitan area? will help you find all of them using a new Google Maps mashup they've created on their site. It's a pretty basic mashup - locates the beaches and you need to do the rest to find them using Google street maps. Satellite viewing makes this one kind of fun as well to decide if you'd target a particular beach for how it looks.

Meta Real Estate Maps Mashup uses Google Maps & Earth - Here's a new Real Estate Mashup to add to the list in Australia and this one sets itself apart from others by incorporating Google Earth viewing, along with Google Maps. isn't a mashup of its own database, but rather it searches and plots results from other major Australian real estate sites. For the maps side of things drill down from country, state, city, and then suburb view to explore property listings. As you get down to suburb level, take note on the right side under "Search Results" to view the listings on Google Maps or Earth. SuburbView brings Google Maps to real estate sites that aren't even integrating with it yet!

Other Australian Google Real Estate Maps Mashups:

AUS E-Maps Update:

Previously mentioned now has a thematic map series: there are now 15 in total, ranging from Google and Virtual Earth street maps, through topographic maps and weather maps to"contextual information", such as points of interests from wikimapia or fire hotspots. Full details on the update here..
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