Saturday, October 28, 2006

Recent changes to Google Maps

"More Info" on Google Maps:

Google Blogoscoped has tipped us off on a new business search feature on Google Maps. A "more info »" link shows up in each info window for all businesses which are displayed on the map. Once clicked a huge page expands to nearly the entire map view displaying more detailed information options for that business. Three tabs (I could only find 1 for Google Maps UK) are displayed giving you links to official and affiliate websites and other related information. The window opens in a very smooth motion and would be a great addition to many Google Maps mashups that have lots of information to display for each map marker.

Google Organic returning results from Map in organic search results page?
Understanding Google Maps & Yahoo Local - Oct.26/06
This blog post discusses further Google Maps integration with Google search. Full Google Maps URL's are displayed in the list.

Google Maps API updates:

Attention Maps API Developers - As an important reminder, Google plans to shut down API Version 1 in the first week of November. If you haven't upgraded yet, please visit the Maps API upgrade guide.

Zoom Levels 18 and 19 Available in Japan for Maps API v2 Users (Google Maps API Blog - Oct.25/06) - The Google Maps API team has updated the level of detail for Google Maps API sites/mashups. Ted Timmons of Sightseeing with Google Maps (a site that makes use of the Google Maps API) points out that "This makes some sights look fantastic" (Eg: Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Tunnel Air Duct in Water. Check out the detail from Ted's Japan section..

Revision 2.66 of Maps API v2 (Google Maps API Blog (Oct.24/06)
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