Tuesday, November 07, 2006

4 great new US Google Maps mashups

Top 10 most expensive colleges - Virender Ajmani continues his mashup rampage with this next map of the most expensive colleges in the US. He combines the list from this CNN Money article and plots them on a Google Map for you to browse. The most expensive? George Washington University (Washington, D.C.) - 2006-07 tuition: $37,820 USD.

Unthirsty maps your happy hour - Unthirsty is a cool new Google Maps mashup that will help you "find your happy" hour. Filter your city search on happy hours which are taking place right now as well as by places that have Food/Drink Specials Patio Seating or Wifi Internet. You can even submit a happy hour. To take a look at the cities that have mapped locations, try the directory search and view the drop-down menu. Also, while not Google Maps enabled, Unthirsty Mobile might be able to help you track down a bar while out and about!

Philly BYOB Restaurant Map - If you're heading out on the town in Philadelphia and want to find a restaurant that is BYOB (Bring your own booze/bottle) check out this great map of restaurants. By the creators of the Philly Sound Maps Mashup this map features more than 130 of the most visitor-friendly byob restaurants. View all restaurants on the map or delineate by cuisine or neighborhood. Lots of information is available for each listing. A handy feature for each listing is the fact that the nearest liquor store location is also pointed out. ;)

Earthpoint real estate mashup shows property lines - Here's a new Google Maps Real Estate Mashup for the area around Boise, Idaho. This is a meticulous mashup with a lot of time spent on the interface and the options available to the user. The geo developer behind Earthpoint mentions that "what sets Earth Point apart from other sites is that each property is mapped with roof-top accuracy and the property lines are drawn. This is because Earth Point does not use Google'’s geo-coding. Rather, I use the local government'’s ESRI shape files to accurately locate and draw each property." It's actually a feature I haven't before seen when reviewing real estate mashups. Mouse over the listings (zoomed in) to see the property outlines appear. Google Earth viewing is also available.
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