Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Google mapping the best experiences on Earth


GeoJoey is a new community driven Google Maps mashups of "the best experiences on Earth". Users post experiences to a Google Map (complete with pictures and video) and the community votes for the best experiences. You can view the most popular experiences in one map view or sort experiences like newest or most discussed.

One very cool feature is the ability to draw freehand on the map when adding an experience. This could be helpful for circling something, outlining boundaries (such as a lake) or showing a trail. Speaking of trails you can import a GPS track with support for over 90 different formats. Another neat feature is the landmark feature that lets you search from a database which contains over 8 million landmarks worldwide. It auto centers on locations as you type. Thank goodness for AJAX!

To get started just complete the very efficient registration process and follow the "Add an Experience" link. If you want to just explore and vote for experiences, you can do this through a nifty tag cloud or text search feature. This updates as you zoom in on various world locations. Like many web concepts this site will only have value as more people add experiences to it and vote for existing experiences, so get started!!

Some sample GeoJoey Experiences:

GeoJoey CEO in Seattle - For an example of the map drawing feature (and GPS import) check out this experience: I attached a GPS to my dog and let him run around Marymoor dog park in Seattle. I then imported the track and posted the experience.
Walk the Old City Wall in Dubrovnik
Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge
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