Friday, November 17, 2006

Google Maps PlayStation 3 Finder

It's November 17th.. do you know where your PlayStation 3 is?? With today being the launch of the Sony PlayStation 3, from a previous post, here again is the Google Maps PlayStation 3 Finder:


If you're one of the thousands of anxious gamers anticipating the November 17th US launch of the Sony PlayStation 3 console unit you'll want to take a look at this next Google Maps mashup. has set up some Google Maps based tools that will help you get your hands on one of these units on the day it launches. PS3Seeker is mashing up midnight launch locations or you can do a local area search for retailers which will be selling it on the 17th. Results are then plotted on a Google Map for you with all the info for that location selling the PlayStation 3 such as anticipated inventory levels and driving directions.
[Thanks Eugene!]

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