Monday, November 13, 2006

Netherlands Google Maps Mashup Roundup Part 2

Remco Kouwenhoven our Dutch correspondent from the Nederkaart Blog is back with the latest Dutch Google Maps mashups..

Casabobo: Dutch celebrities on Google Maps - Always wanted to know where your favorite Dutch actor, TV-personality or athlete lived? Casabobo gives you the answers, on Google Maps. Originally the site also listed the homes of Dutch politicians. But, after considerable downtime the addresses of the Dutch politicians have been removed. Probably Dutch authorities intervened.

More Dutch Mashups here:

  • Postbank shows all Postbank (a Dutch bank) ATM's
  • TomBok shows fashion job openings in Google Maps.
  • IENS is a Dutch restaurant review site. Each reviewed restaurant is shown on a google maps mashup.
  • Dinnersite is another Dutch restaurant guide, showing its content on google maps.
  • TexelTV is not your average tourism website. TexelTV shows the Dutch island Texel using a series of small films. The content is also searchable on Google Earth.
  • Radius2Dakar is a site of a Dutch school-team participating in Amsterdam-Dakar (a low-budget alternative for Paris-Dakar). The team can be followed live on bliin (a google maps mashup).
  • Always wanted to go to a Dutch nude beach? Then is for you. Using a kml-link it shows lots of Dutch nude beaches.

  • Be sure to also check out the first Netherlands Google Maps mashup roundup..