Tuesday, November 14, 2006

US Crime Google Maps: Sacramento, Houston, Richmond

Sacramento Crime Tracker - This next mashup is a great example of how media can use Google Maps to display information for those in the community. Television station KCRA has put up a Google Maps Crime Tracker which mashes up Sacramento's public crime data and makes it easy for people in the community to find out what's happening in their immediate area. Two features that stand out in this mashup include a neat radius search that lets you plot crimes within a certain radius of a given point and also the ability to embed crime maps in your own website. As this example shows media are influencing user mapping applications from the point of view of data viewing accessibility and not data analysis. This theme is discussed in the blog post of the company that created this crime tracker - Faneuil Media. Faneuil have created several Google Maps mashups for high profile media outlets such as the New York Times and the Boston Globe. Take a look on their front page to view their other mashups.

Houston Crime Maps - Here is a new Google Maps crime-data mashup for the city of Houston, Texas. GIS data has been used to correlate crimes with political districts (city council and state house districts at the moment). In addition this mashup gives you tons of options to view crimes by including neighborhood, district, beat and type of offense (plus more). It definitely has a ChicagoCrime.org feel to it.

East End/Church Hill, Richmond Crime Map - Yet another example of how media can use Google Maps to display community info.

More Google Maps Crime Maps are here..
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