Thursday, November 02, 2006

Weatherbonk Google Maps mashup goes 2.0 with awesome new features

Geo-developer David Schorr shares what his team is up to for the next revision of his weather maps mashup: Weatherbonk 2.0

Weatherbonk is an innovative web 2.0 application that provides highly contextualized relevant weather information for people from around the world. It was one of the first serious Google Maps mashups to hit the web and still, to this day, remains as one of my top picks. It's also one of the stickiest, most useful and relevant Google Maps mashups to a wider global audience. Weatherbonk works in a location-based format centering on your home location providing you with heaps of weather information for your area, mashed up from over 20 different weather data sources. Explore around the world using other features to research a trip or learn more about the earth's changing weather patterns.

Check out some of the new features that are planned for the site and try them out:
(..Since these features are not yet live on view them on:

Enhanced Trip Planner -

..Use this feature to show forecasted conditions along your route, showing optimal departure days and times for your travel. This would be great for a planned road trip or cycling journey or for those in the trucking or transportation industry.

Largest Internet directory of webcams - Over 8000 webcams for viewing live weather conditions worldwide.

Pick a holiday destination based on weather - Interactive weather normals map lets you visualize weather averages to find travel destinations with the best weather for your desired travel months.

Better world map coverage - Improved map detail and coverage outside of US

One Page View - Integrated summary view presents all necessary weather information on a single page.

Cool map markers - Enhanced icons and more map display options.

Get interactive - Blog and share comments about your favorite cams and travel destinations.

Other great "Bonk" sites:
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