Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Web 2.0 sites + Google Maps

MusicianMix.com + Google Maps - Musicianmix.com uses Google Maps to search for music teachers, Bands to join or Musicians to jam with. (Registration required)

Zoomr.com + Google Maps - Zoomr has all the web 2.0 bells and whistles - large font, RSS for specific tags, TAGS! - and of course the "R" ending in the name. :) Photos that are tagged to a Google Map show the small GMaps pin on the thumbnail. Here is a sample. Check out the Zoomr wiki!


Attendr.com + Google Maps - gives people a way to connect up and find out about each other before a conference or party, and then to follow up with them afterwards. The unique part is that you can see the relationships between people on the map, and also see the tag connections.

GeoNames.org + Wikipedia entries + Google Maps - A mashup with over 140,000 entries in 185 languages. For English and German a short summary of the wikipedia text is available and will be displayed as the user clicks on a mark.

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Google Maps Viewing Tools

Here are some new tools powered in part by Google Maps to help you find all kinds of interesting data and information:
  • MelissaData - An impressive collection of address, real estate, demographics and business tools using Google Maps to present search results.
  • MapFrappe: Shift Shapes - This site contains a neat tool that lets you outline an area using a polyline, then use that outline to frame other places on a Google Map. For example, see the size of Boston by outlining it, then center the comparison map over Denver to compare. Be sure to click "end polyline" to show the same outline in the lower Google Map frame.
  • MapFrappe: Iso-LonLat - This viewing tool shows you what parts of the world have the same longitude and latitude as each other. Or the opposite.
  • Geography Search - Center the map over any area and any zoom level and click the markers to see the locations. This is a twist on the other placename finders that lets you combine that location with Google search, quickly and easily.
  • MyGeoTags - From the website: This service contains names and geographical locations of 7.5 million places (cities, mountains, lakes, airports, churches, schools) worldwide as pre-defined geotags. Enter the name of a place and view all nearby geotags on a google satellite map or click at a location on the Google map to view all nearby geotags. As an alternative all found geotags are also shown in a textual result list.
  • Send your Google Earth location by email - Simple web app to send a message to someone with a Google Earth (KML) file attached
49 more Google Maps viewing tools can be found here.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Crime. Organized. The Sopranos Google Map mashup launches

The HBO series The Sopranos has launched their Google Map mashup with the show's episode details. It features short video clips to view. The Map will help viewers keep up with the show. The map welcomes readers with the following: Crime. Organized. gives you an in-depth look at the action of Season 5 using Google Maps. View the map here! Requirements to view the map include Internet Explorer 6+, with Flash 7 installed and for those of you on Mac Safari 1+ and Firefox 1+ must be used with Flash 7. The explosion of Google TV/Movie Maps continues!

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The Apprentice cast on Google Maps!

As the fifth season of The Apprentice starts tonight on NBC, Virender Ajmani is once again busy creating a new Google Maps mashup. This time he has created a Google "TV Map" mashup for the show's viewers to learn more about the candidates participating in this season's series and where they are from. Check it out!

With all these TV Maps popping up, I wonder how long it will take someone to create one to track The Amazing Race 9?? :)

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Chicago Wine Shops Google Maps Mashup

DRVino.com, the wine website that features "wine picks and politics" has come out with a new wine map for the city of Chicago. They had previously released a version for New York City. Check the site's blog post about the map for more info.

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

More Google Maps Creation Tools and Resources

Google Maps Creation Tools:Odds and Ends:
Extensions, Scripts & Plugins:
Related to the Google Maps API:

Google Maps API Blog Posts:
Other previous Creation Tools posts: [Post1], [Post2], [Post3]
Other related sections here on Google Maps Mania: Google Maps Creation Tools/How-Tos

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Nike Run London website uses Google Maps

+ +
= Run London RouteFinder

The Nike sponsored "Run London" website makes use of the Google Maps API to let users create or find a running route. The Run London RouteFinder lets users find run routes by postcode, distance, gradient, terrain or suitable well lit routes for night running. The RouteFinder also lets you create your own route by tapping out the twists and turns on a Google Map and saving it for others to use. For another Google Maps tool for cities around the world be sure to check out WalkJogRun for a similar way to search for and create running routes. [via]

For more uses of the Google Maps API in the UK, check my post from earlier this week.

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Friday, February 24, 2006

More Google TV and Movie Maps (Seinfeld, 16 Blocks)

As the anticipation grows for the release of The Sopranos Google Map that is set to release this Monday, I want to update you on more Google TV Maps after my last post.

Geography of Seinfeld - This TV map mashes up over 25 storyline locations of the sitcom "Seinfeld".

My 16 Blocks - The Google Maps API has been used by Warner Bros. to promote their new movie featuring Bruce Willis and Mos Def. My 16 Blocks allows users to share their favorite locations and hangouts in the neighborhood around where they live. It's like your own personal city guide.

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Google Maps News and Blog Post Roundup

All Google's Roads Lead to Kansas
WIRED News - Feb.22/06
Google Maps updates Area 51 Satellite Image
Digg.com - Feb.22/06
MashupCamp Day 2: The mashups
ZDNet Blogs - Feb.21/06
Google's Bosworth and Rademacher Join "Real-World AJAX" Conference Faculty
Aus Sys-Con.com - Feb.20/06
NBC pulls down the clip that mentions Google Maps
The Heterotopia Report - Feb.19/06
Google maps way to change the world
YorkshireToday.co.uk - Feb.16/06
Google Maps updates with Ferry Routes
Google Earth Blog - Feb.15/06
Google Maps to carry ads
NiallKennedy.com - Feb.8/06

Google Maps turned one year old on February 7th!! Happy belated Birthday Google Maps!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

6 New Google Maps mashups for the UK!

Pubs of London - This Google Map mashes up a list of pubs in London, along with their quality. The brighter the colour of marker the better the pub is. The data is mashed up from BeerInTheEvening.com.

Political Campaign Map - Ming Campbell has set up a Google Map for his campaign that shows locations for upcoming meetings, speeches and messages of support from around the UK. I like how the map markers have been customized in this one.

Other UK Google Maps:

Here are few new maps created using the new DIY Google Maps site Mapness.com:
BBC Traffic News UK Map
TicketSwitch Booking UK Map

Doctor Who Locations - This Google Map shows filming locations for the television series Doctor Who. Includes a kml file so people can load the data into Google Earth.

Professional Adviser Map - A directory of UK professional advisers - financial planners, lawyers and accountants.

For more UK Maps check these previous blog posts: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8]

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Google Maps: Fortune 100 Companies and SlipStream Data Tradeshows

Fortune 100 Companies + Google Maps - Here is a new Google Map showing the locations of the top companies in the U.S. to work for. It shows the rank, address, job growth, industry total employees and website link of each of the companies in the list. Google Maps in this case has been mashed up with data from CNN Money to create the map. Some careful desk-checking and quality assurance has been done on the data to ensure it is a useful mashup for those using it.

SlipStream Data Tradeshow Map - Mobile, Broadband and Dial-Up Acceleration Company SlipStream Data Inc. out of Waterloo, Canada has used the Google Maps API to show the locations of each of their 2006 tradeshows they will be attending (along with 2005 shows attended). It's an interesting use of Google Maps in a business website. Companies can use the Google Maps API to map tradeshows, roadshows or other customer events they might be staging and integrate the resulting map into their corporate website like SlipStream has done here.

Other Business Google Maps business applications:

Fat Brain Toys - What is being ordered and what is being shipped
News Story: Salesforce.com talks up web-based enterprise software
Tradeshow Maps attendees (is this allowed?) - On the flipside of the SlipStream example, this show is actually mapping it's attendees. Read more on the map here.

For many more examples of the Google Maps API in the business world, check the Business Category here on Google Maps Mania.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Get your Google Map on with JoeMap

JoeMap.com hits the Do-It-Yourself Google Maps scene with this great new website. It's in beta currently and the creators want folks to start using the site so they can improve and adapt their creation. JoeMap is part Google Maps creation tool and part global explorer. With the site just released it already has several points on the map you can explore:
- Arizona Maps
- Peru
- Flying
- USA Airports
- Ascension Island

You can also make maps, upload photos and video and share the maps (private or public) with others via email or convenient URL linking. Each of the public maps allow for comments, contributed text, media and ratings. Also, since each of the photos on the map belong to an album, you can also browse through these albums! It's a great site - give it a try! :)

=> Check here for more Google Maps Creation Tools

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

5 New European Google Maps Mashups

The Netherlands: Crime Map - Mashes up a database of more than 20,000 crimes for the country
Germany: Potsdam Google Map - This is a great Google Map that lets you explore the city of Potsdam, Germany (web page is in English)
Germany: Bloggers - A Google Map of some German bloggers. Check here for more information
Switzerland: Blog Map - Mapping the Swiss blog scene
Belgium: Holiday Home Rentals - Click "Search on map" to view the map. It also includes interesting links.

Associated Press creates Google News Map

The Associated Press has a news service called ASAP which is geared toward 18-35 year olds and makes use of things like blogs and other media to present the news. It has made use of the Google Maps API to a great new ASAP NewsMap Mashup that shows location-based news.. Don't worry, if you're under 18 or over 35, you can still view it. :)

ASAP covered Google Maps mashups back in November in the article titled: "Eye in the sky, on your computer".

=> See more News Maps Mashups in the Current Events section here on Google Maps Mania

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Google Maps Mashups: FAA, Amtrak, El Paso, Relay Race

FAA Air Traffic Control XML feed + Google Maps - This map takes the XML feed from the FAA's Air Traffic Control System Command Center, and mashes it up with the Google Maps API. The resulting map is useful for knowing general Airport delay information due to weather or traffic.

Amtrak Google Map - Here is a new Google Map that plots the routes and stations of the national Amtrak train system. Since the Amtrak website features a PDF view, this provides a lighter alternative for people looking to explore the network. Personally I think this mashup could use address information for the stations instead of the localized street map that shows up in the info window.

California Relay Race - The 2006 Wild Miles Relay is a 180 mile road race held in Southern California April 28-29. This Google Map that has been put up for the race has some impressive features including race-leg selection, scrolling of the leg-maps and a print current map function.

El Paso Google Maps - Here are a few Google Maps for the city of El Paso Texas:
Traffic cameras and border wait times and El Paso historical sites.

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Monday, February 20, 2006

A Google Maps Mashup for Presidents Day!

Happy Presidents Day to those of you in the US today! To help celebrate this national holiday, be sure to check out the US Presidential History Mashup. It gives you information such as the place of birth, wife and extras such as the state they represent. After you visit this mashup, the day off you have today will feel justified. :)

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Google Maps: Chicago voting, Bush land grab, NYC true stories

New York City True Stories - Here is a website that has been given new life using Google Maps. Here is a description from the website: "It uses the external, familiar landscape of New York City as a way of organizing the wildly internal, often unfamiliar emotional landscapes of the city dweller."

2006 Chicago Early Voting Polling Places - Google Mapper Paul Smith has this to say: "Chicago let's you vote early before the Illinois primary election day of March 21st, so I whipped up a Google Map of the 21 polling places in the city where you can vote early. But not often".

George W. Bush land grab map - Some folks aren't too happy with Montana Senator Conrad Burns. The BootBurns.com blog has this to say: "The John Morrison campaign has put together a useful web resource for those of you concerned about the land grab that the Bush administration is proposing.". Check the post here.

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Collection of Google Maps Sights and Mashups

Google Maps satellite-sights and collections:
Collections of Google Maps Mashups:
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Friday, February 17, 2006

Good Night Google Maps!

Here is a cool new Google Map created by Peter Pesti that takes the 128 megapixel NASA "Earth Lights" image that you might have seen before and adds a Google Map interface to it using the Google Maps API. He writes: "There are 7 zoom levels to it - no wonder, since the source image is so big, that I can't even display it on my home computer :)"

Google TV Show Maps - Sopranos, Lost, 24, Veronica Mars

Google Maps is ushering in a new online phenomenon in the world of television. It's giving die-hard fans a way to create "show-maps" for their favorite programs and also giving show producers a new way to advertise their series and offer a new (online) way for viewers to more closely follow the show. Let's face it, there aren't many good show websites out there, so this may be just the ticket for the networks to drive traffic to their websites. Here is a round-up of the activity so far:

The Sopranos - The popular HBO series "The Sopranos" is cooking up a Google Maps mashup and it has the ad world abuzz. AdAge.com talks up the plans in this article (requires quick free reg.) which features a quote from the VP-Advertising from HBO. She mentions benefits the map will have for the viewer to get caught up on episodes. Want to see the map? Well, you can't.. until Feb. 27th that is when the map will be visible here. Until then, wet your appetite with this screenshot (from AdAge.com). [Thanks Gary Wood!]

Veronica Mars - Wayfaring.com has been used to create this Google Map of locations for the show Veronica Mars. If you're a fan of the show, you'll know places like Cho's Pizza, Shark Park or Neptune High School. Now you can relate to these real locations by using Google Maps! :) The discussion forum that Wayfaring uses on each map page allows for chat about the show as well..

24 - Don't forget the previously mentioned 24 "JackTracker" that allows you to follow Jack Bauer on Day 5 with an interactive Google Map (Another Wayfaring Map).

LOST - There aren't any specific Google Maps of LOST (yet) but this blog post has an interesting "Easter egg" from the show that you can unlock using Google Maps:
"And here's something that isn't a hoax, but is rather curious. If you type the mysterious numbers from Lost (4 8 15 16 23 42) into google maps, they correspond to the approximate latitude and longitude of an island in the middle of the Pacific. My guess is that this probably isn't an accident."
Another blogger puts out his Lost mapping idea into the public domain for someone to pick up on in this blog post. (Think MapWOW when you read this).

Do you know of another Google TV show Map? Please post a comment to share it with others!

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

How Google uses Google Maps


Google Maps Mania shows you all the great things people out on the web are doing with the Google Maps API, but what is Google itself doing with it? Googlers have integrated Google Local maps into a few projects but not as many as I would have expected:

Google Maps link in GMail - Messages in GMail with a postal address or package number will display a "Map this.." link, giving you the option to display the information on a Google Map. Check out more info on this feature from the following GMail Help Center entry. [via]

Google Desktop includes a Google Maps panel - The Official Google Blog had this to say about their inclusion of Google Maps back on Nov.3/05: "Fans of Google Maps will want to check out Sidebar's new maps panel, which lets you do all the usual cool maps stuff -- local business info, directions, sightseeing -- plus a new one: finding new locations relevant to the web pages and emails you're reading and showing them in your maps panel."

Google Mini Map - This map shows deployments of the Google Mini search appliance. Each pin on the map allows a prospective Google Mini customer to learn more about what the search appliance is doing for that particular customer.

Google Summer of Code - From the Google webpage: "The Summer of Code is Google's program designed to introduce students to the world of open source software development. It ran through September 1st, 2005." Check out the website and the use of the Google Maps API here.

Do you know of another "Google-Google Map" use? If so, please post a comment to let us know!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

3 new Google Maps Mashups for Ottawa and Toronto!

= Cool Canadian Mashups!

Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Google Map - Onshi over at 69Stations (which appears to be a TTC-related blog) has picked up the Google Maps API and carved out a Google Map for the Toronto subway system. Info-windows show an image of the schedule card for that station (hours of operation, first/last train and frequency). This card can be clicked on to enlarge since it's a bit hard to make out in the bubble. Hopefully more work will be done to improve this map. I'd love it if a Toronto version of Alkemis Local (NYC) could be cloned since much of the same types of online info is available for Toronto (and other Canadian cities for that matter!)

Ottawa Gas Prices Google Map - Gas Prices In Ottawa.com the Google Maps gas price mashup scene showing folks in Canada's national capital city where they can find the cheapest gas. Give this map a chance to load the many Esso, Petro Canada, Shell (and more) icons that show you locations of stations and the number of times it has had a price update. The map relates with the price table located here. I would suggest that this site makes the map the central starting point and code the pins in such a way that the visitor can visibly see at a glance where the cheapest stations are located. This will make it a full featured Google Maps mashup.

New Ottawa Housing Google Map - Sticking within the City of Ottawa, here is a new real estate map that lets people search for homes for sale. Typical map search filters apply here: Area of town, price range, Open House, new listing or sold properties. [via]

More collections of Canadian Google Maps: [1] [2] [3] [4]

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

3 new Google Maps Mashups: Podcasts, SCUBA, First woman solo world flight

World SCUBA Google Map - Here is a wiki-style Google Map of world SCUBA dive sites that lets anyone add their favorite dive sites. As far as Google Maps go, this one has a TON of search functionality and content. It allows you to view/add image and video galleries, rate each site and also search by heaps of things. It also has a search mechanism so you can do things like ask it to show you all the dive sites that have the keyword shark, are in a particular country and can be accessed from the shore; or just show me all the ice dives with good wide angle photography. This is an awesome Google Maps mashup!

First Woman solo flight around the world.. Mapped! - Todd McClamroch recently read the story about the historic 1964 flight of Jerrie Mock who was the first woman to fly around the world (no, Amelia Earhart was not the first). Inspired by this story, he has Google-mapped her flight in this Google Maps API implementation (It even works properly in Firefox 1.5!):

World Podcast Directory Google Map - Looking for an interesting podcast from another country, or would you like to search for podcast downloads from a map? PodcastDirectory.com has Google-mapped hundreds of them on this Google Maps search. [via]

Other new Google Maps Mashups:

RentMeAVacation.com + Google Maps - Worldwide Vacation Rentals Direct From Owners.
HotelMapper - Includes major U.S. cities as well as Dublin and London UK

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