Monday, January 29, 2007

LookLOCAL is a Google Maps mega travel mashup!

Idelix is back to build on their "Pliable Display Technology" (PDT) with LookLOCAL which has been described on their website: "..LookLOCAL beta 2 is now online with great new travel planning features! Use LookLOCAL to map your route, check for traffic incidents, and take a look at traffic cams before you set out. Going on a holiday? Check out some "best of" travel destinations or view and explore your own KML files.":

I call this a mega-mashup since 12 world travel lists from such sources as Lonely Planet, Golf Magazine and Travel and Leisure are combined with Google Maps. These lists include:
  • Top 10 Value Destinations (Lonely Planet)
  • Top 10 Beaches (Sherman's Travel)
  • Top 10 Resorts (World Travel Awards)
  • Top 10 Ski Destinations (
  • Top 10 Cruise Destinations (Hillman Wonders & CruiseShipCenters)
  • Top 10 Wedding Destinations (Romantic Travel)
  • Top 25 Golf Courses (Golf Magazine)
  • Top 10 Eco-Tourist Destinations (Sherman's Travel)
  • Top 25 Adventure Destinations (National Geographic Adventure)
  • Top 10 Wine Regions (Sherman's Travel)
  • Top 10 Man-Made Wonders (Sherman's Travel)
  • Top 10 Spas (Travel and Leisure)

As mentioned, this mashup also allows you to add your own points to the map by overlaying a KML placemark file after inserting the URL of the hosted KML into the map viewing pane. LookLOCAL also includes a tri-map viewing option that includes Google Maps, Windows Live Local, and Yahoo! Maps.. so be sure to have Google Maps toggled on from the top. ;)

I first mentioned the Idelix viewer back in June/06 when they launched Maps By Idelix. "PDT" brings you a Google Maps magnifying glass that when dragged around the map magnifies up to 4X more than the current zoom level and also allows you to toggle satellite or map view for only your magnifier. Don't take my word for it.. Give it a try.

More info about LookLOCAL can be found on

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