Friday, February 02, 2007

Google Maps Happy Hour Mashup - MappyHour

Looking for a "happy hour" in your city? MappyHour is a Google Maps mashup that will help you plot and find your way to inexpensive happy hour bliss. Choose from a list of cities (Manhattan, NY being the "happiest") and then center the map where you are. Local establishments that are local to you are then plotted, with those featuring a Happy Hour and ratings listed toward the top or noted by a full beer glass map marker. Each location has tons of detail including ratings, Yelp reviews (US) and other options to edit it or rally your friends to that spot. One other cool feature not seen in many mashups (perhaps only one?) is a Split-Screen Chat you can do while browsing the map. Invite friends in and do a virtual pub-trawl to plan your attack together. :) MappyHour features locations for North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand but you can add locations for bars worldwide!
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