Friday, February 02, 2007

US Google Maps Mashups for 2007-02-02

TutorLinker - US National tutor finder
FCAT Scores for Florida Schools - Mashup of all schools and the grades they received.
US Accessible Parking - Parking locator for individuals with a disability. You can also submit a parking space.
Southern California Real Estate Mashup - Features cool sliders to narrow down your search.
Gas Stop Planner - Intended for motorcyclists trying to go "Coast to Coast in less than 50 Hours" by mapping gas stations from Jacksonville to LA. (More info..)
Portland Stolen Bikes - Map of reported stolen bikes in Portland, OR.
Highest Paid US College Presidents - CNN Money list + Google Maps.
US Reggae Clubs - IrieOne helps you find reggae clubs by US city.
Portland BioDiesel Pumps - Details, address and directions for each known pump.
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