Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Real time Flickr uploads on a Google Map

Google Maps + Flickr = FlickrVision

David Troy is at it again. Back in March I told you about his Twitter Google Maps mashup called TwitterVision which plots real time Twitters to a Google Map. This time he's taken the Flickr API and worked some mashup magic to show real time "Flickrs" to a Google Map. It's called: FlickrVision. Like TwitterVision and other real time Google Maps mashups it's really quite addictive. Set it in motion and watch photos being added to Flickr by user, by country... in real time! It appears the geo-referencing is coming from the Flickr user's profile and not by photo tag. Plotting by tag would be even interesting since the profile location might not necessarily be the origin of the photo. Also nice would be a Stop - Play - Pause function to go back to a photo that looked interesting. All that aside, this is a cool mashup. :)

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