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6 Ways to Find Cool Google Maps Street Views

Update: launches forums - check the comments for more sites!

When Google Maps was first released, a huge amount of interest was generated by new satellite photos available for viewing throughout the world. The "I can see my house from here" effect took hold as everyone used Google Maps for the first time. Sites like and others emerged as a place to keep track of all of these interesting sights as a blog/index to tune into. In fact, GoogleSightseeing was the first ever site covered here on Google Maps Mania back on April 13th, 2005!

The new Street View addition to Google Maps is giving rise to a new form of Google Maps sightseeing as Google Maps users start to cover new ground and virtually explore Street View cities (New York, Miami, San Francisco Bay Area, Las Vegas and Denver). Check out my post last week about Google Maps Street View if you missed it. Blogs are starting to post interesting sights and established Google Maps sightseeing sites are also revealing plans to keep track of these interesting sites. Sit back and watch this new area of web mapping evolve and take a look at the links I've been able to find thus far which are aiming to track cool new street view sites here in the early days. These come in the form of blogs, Google Gadgets, indexes and news sites:

6 Ways to Find Cool Google Maps Street Views:

1. Geo-Trotter - Stéphane Clérice of Geo-Trotter is blogging about cool new street views with interesting posts and fun pictures. Currently only in French but you can translate or just click the images!

2. - This site has emerged as a way to index new street views in raw, text format. See an interesting street view? Submit it here or just peruse the list and look for interesting descriptions. Examples: "Hey dude - high five!" or "Love is the answer - but what is the question?"

3. iGoogle "Street View Of the Day" Gadget - Keir Clarke of the Virtual Tourism Blog is helping you keep up with cool Google Maps Street Views by both syndicating and helping you to syndicate this new street-level imagery. Keir has created a great new Google Gadget that displays one cool Google Maps street view per day. Put it on your iGoogle homepage and have fun checking out the new sights! Also be sure to take a look through Keir's recent entries on Virtual Tourism to learn how to embed Google Maps street views in an iframe on your blog or webpage. Here it is in action with some views of San Francisco:

...More Nice Views from Virtual Tourism:
Collection of street views for the Apple fans
Five Popular US streets

4. - The grand-daddy of Google Maps sightseeing sites has plans of its own to include neat street views. For now, let this post quench your Street View thirst and watch for the Turnbull brothers to release a forum in the next day or so where you'll be able to post your cool Street Views.. Interesting views will make it to the front of the GS Blog. Update: Forums are now live!

5. Street View Fun - This is a fantastic site that is indexing new Google Maps Street Views and giving you the chance to vote on them. By the looks of the number of votes this site is just starting out but looks like it should be a nice home to cool new Google Maps Street Views.

6. LaudonTech's Gallery - LaudonTech is posting cool new images via email submission and listed for your review.

7. Blogs and Social Bookmarking sites - Blogs, News sites and Social Bookmarking sites will always be places where you'll find interesting new images, tools to mash up Google Maps Street Views and news pertaining to this new imagery. Here are some recent finds:
Do you know of another site that is tracking new Google Maps Street Views? If so, post a comment! Be sure to take a look at the comments section for new sites!
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