Wednesday, June 20, 2007

9 new US Google Maps mashups and tools!

MoreMap is a mega maps mashup! - Lets you perform Package Tracking, check Weather, track Earthquakes, view Traffic, find Movies, Banks, and Radio Stations on a Google Map. There are a few other cool features from within the UI including printing and map enlargement. I've been in touch with Adam Richman for several months as he has been hard at work creating the site and I know a lot of time has gone into making this a good user experience. Nice work Adam! (This would make a great Mapplet!)

Gas-Cost Map Tool - Enter your car's gas mileage and where you are going and it gives your gas cost and directions, using the latest gasoline prices... on a Google Map! (This would make a great Mapplet!)

New Luxury Real Estate Mashups:
From the creator of these sites: "The goal of the application is to provide easy access to the limited inventory of luxury properties in a specific market (vs. our standard map-based MLS search product which gives access to all for sale properties) with intuitive, classy user interface. Property hotspots can be clicked-through to the respective brokerage's site for complete details. The maps are full screen, kiosk ready, and utilize social bookmarking, viral marketing via email tools and an industry unique feature of RSS notification of just listed properties in a given map extent. While others, like Trulia provide RSS feeds of a new listings per city, I am not aware of any other real estate site, which provides RSS feed of matching properties within a specific map boundary."

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