Sunday, June 17, 2007

Google Maps Creation Tools - Part 16

Google Maps API:

Lots of cool new things to add to your Google Maps mashup, compliments of the Google Maps API team!

Add Google Maps Local Business Search to your Google Maps mashup

Want to add a new data source to your mashup? Google has added a way for you add Google Maps local business results to your API site. Link through to this post over the Google Maps API Blog for more details. This is a great way to add more value to your Google Maps mashup, especially if you're focused on things like tourism or sporting venues. This will work for countries that support local business search on Google Maps.

Add US traffic to your Google Maps mashup

DragZoomControl v1.0 = Easier zooming! - This is a great zoom control method.. go through to this post and try it out!

Geocoding now available in Brazil, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic

Google Mapplets

Back on May 31st I introduced you to "Mapplets". Mapplets are compact versions of a Google Maps mashup or tool that will can be available to users on the web right within Google Maps itself. At this stage Mapplets are only available for use by visiting this special preview URL:
..Eventually Google Maps will make these Mapplets widely available for use so millions of users will be able to choose from a gallery of Mapplets to add one or many to their Google Maps view. Don't want to be left out when Mapplets get switched on? Take a look at this fantastic post by Pamela Fox over on the Google Maps API Blog that will help you turn your mashup into a Google Mapplet:
Got a Maps Mashup? Make it a Mapplet!
To take a look at the Mapplets which have already been created - Check here..

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