Sunday, June 24, 2007

Google Maps + Digg = DiggMap

+ = DiggMap

The Digg Map:

I'm a big fan of real-time Google Maps mashups. A few of my favorites are Dave Troy's FlickrVision and TwitterVision. Each of these maps show you fresh new photos and Twitters being added in real-time and displayed for you by their location on a Google Map. Another Google Maps mashup has emerged courtesy of Alan Spark in this same category, displaying diggs from to a live map! It combines the recently released Digg API, the Google Maps API and Google AJAX Search API to make this one mapping app called: The Digg Map. The map will center itself on the geo-location of a Digg user who is currently digging a particular story. It's a fun way to find new Digg stories and also to see what geographies "digg" what..
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