Thursday, June 07, 2007

Google Maps JetBlue real-time flight tracking

= Google Maps real-time flight tracking!

Finally an airline has brought Google Maps in-flight! Each time I board a flight and see the generic in-flight map that most all airlines around the world use (see image to the right) I always wish the map I'm looking at was a) more interactive and b) Google Maps or even better, Google Earth. An announcement made by JetBlue on Tuesday June 5th means that passengers will enjoy a "Real-time flight tracking channel featuring Google Maps". JetBlue will also make a Google Maps flight tracker available on its website so friends and family can see your flight's estimated departure and arrival times, as well as present location while in the air. This is very cool! I don't have a screen shot to share at this point, but I'm sure we'll soon see lots of user photos and blog posts flood the web in the coming months. This Google LatLong Blog post reveals that flight altitude and speed along with your flight's present location will be tracked on a Google Map for you during flight. A press release for this new addition includes the following quote: "Google is pleased to provide our innovative mapping technology to JetBlue's customers," said John Hanke, Director of Google Maps and Earth. "We're excited to see Google Maps in use at 35,000 feet."

To celebrate the announcement JetBlue has a really cool photo contest running which encourages in-flight photography (between the "switch off all personal electronic devices" announcement of course!). If you win, you get a round-trip to anywhere JetBlue flies Details of the contest are located at:
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