Sunday, June 24, 2007

The TinTin Google Map


Who better to have a Google Map of the places they have visited than the world famous cartoon comic book reporter known as TinTin?! The TinTin Movie Blog has created a simple Google Map to chronicle TinTin's world adventure on the TinTin Google Map. Here is a description from Chris, the map creator:
"..Ever wondered all the places Tintin went to? Or wondered where Herge based Syldavia on? Well find out now on the Tintin Map. It's not quite finished and I’ve only added a few books so far but the world is starting to fill up with the real and fictional
places Herge's Tintin visited on his adventures.. It uses the gMaps API and a MySql database so that visitors can add to and improve the maps locations."

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..Do you want to easily create a Google Map of places that you have visited? Use Google My Maps!

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