Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Australian Google Maps Mashups and Mapplets

First Australian bank to use Google Maps - The Bank of Queensland is the first bank in Australia to integrate Google Maps into their website to help their customers find state branch and ATM locations. Find out more details in their recent press release.
[Via The Bank Channel]

New Australian Google Mapplets - Google Mapplets are content modules or layers you can view directly from within the Google Maps My Maps tab:

Things to do in Sydney
Sydney for Kids
Vineyard Hunter
Western Australian Shipwrecks
Australian Points of Interest
Western AU Petrol Prices
Pinkboard Venue Guide is a Melbourne mega-mashup - is Peter Shaw's latest creation that is a great local mashup for those of you living in or visiting the city of Melbourne. LocalHero performs search engine spidering for local Melbourne content with an AJAX interface where you can drag and zoom the map to discover new content without the need for a browser refresh. Double click anywhere on the map to "Publish local content" as well!

Snowfields Weather Maps:
NSW Snow Map
& VIC Snow Map has created a special mashup for the winter ski season. The maps show current temperature and weather forecast for the alpine areas, together with weather cams and links to websites of main resort. Weather info is coming from a free Web Feature Service (WFS), updated every 30 min and provided by Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

"Job Mapping" Australian Pharmacy Jobs - Australian Pharmacy Jobs site Jobs4Careers is pioneering the national online job search field by being among the first to integrate Google Maps into their website. You have the option to view groupings of available positions or perform a specific address search. The info-bubble gives a nice teaser about the job and lets you apply for the job directly from its pin on the map!

Western Australia Petrol Price Map Mashup - Google Maps API developer extraordinaire Reto Meier has created a useful mashup for those of you in WA. Use this Google Maps mashup to get daily petrol prices by suburb. He has also created a way for you to view the prices from your own My Maps tab in Google Maps - Check here. Check out this post to find out more about how this mashup works.. Be sure to also check out the post I did about Reto's Earthquake Mashup.

Who On Earth Cares? Many Australians it seems!

The Cate Blanchett backed "Who On Earth Cares" initiative created by the Australian Conservation Foundation has just launched a new Google Maps mashup that allows Australians concerned about climate change to register themselves on a unique Google Map. You can also browse the map and find other people that care about climate change as well.

Google Maps Real Estate Mashup wins best mashup at 2007 Google Developer Day - From the Google Australia Blog.

More ways to explore Australia using Google Maps:
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