Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Discover popular user-created Google Maps

Google launched My Maps on April 5th/07 and since that time Google Maps users have been busy building and sharing Google Maps mashups with this easy-to-use service (found within the My Maps tab on Google Maps). Google is now making it easy for you to discover these user-created maps which are relevant to where you are exploring on Google Maps. The Browse Popular Maps mapplet is available for you to add to your own My Maps tab in Google Maps. Once added you will be given a list of maps that will appear in the left margin as you move the map around to different places all around the world. Zoom into London to discover maps like the Low-budget guide to London or London 4 Kids. Zoom to San Francisco and an interesting movie map showing real locations of the famous car chase from the movie "Bullitt" are revealed. Maps that you find via this method can also be added to your own collection of My Maps or embedded into your blog or website to share with others! I've also been having fun using this mapplet to view maps for the place I live now and where I grew up. It's amazing just how many folks out there have been making maps! :)
[Via Doug Ricket @ The Google LatLong Blog]

More new content to add to your My Maps tab in Google Maps:
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