Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mashing up the Australian and Ontario elections

Google Australia has launched a unique Australia Federal Election mashup to let residents there "organise, find and share Australian election information." It features mashed up content from YouTube, Google News, ABC News that is all able to be pulled in using Google Maps, Search, iGoogle, Google Earth and more. A post about the mashup from the Google Blog explains that "voters can have an intimate look at the parties, candidates and election issues, all in one Google location."

Google Maps is the centerpiece of this site, allowing you to add election content to your own My Maps tab on Google Maps. Search for things like electoral boundaries and polling booths based on your postcode and learn more about candidates through embedded YouTube videos. It's a great way to learn more and become a more educated voter. This article in the Sydney Morning Herald examines the candidate's take on the place the Internet is taking in the election process.

Meanwhile in Canada the Toronto Star Online (long a pioneer in Google Maps news mashups) has created a tool that will let you enter your address to locate your local riding for the upcoming Ontario provincial elections:

Google Maps is facilitating great map based tools all over the world that are making it easier to become a more active and informed voter!

Here are more examples:
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