Thursday, October 04, 2007

Canada Google Maps Mashup & Mapplet Roundup (22)

Realosophy is the ultimate Toronto real estate mashup:

The Toronto Google Maps Housing and Neighbourhood (CDN spelling ;)) mashup Realosophy has come of age and has without question become the best Toronto housing mashup I've seen. John Pasalis dropped me a line to let me know the site now places a hyper-local focus on the 175 unique neighbourhoods in the Greater Toronto Area. Housing statistics such as avg. house price, property taxes, # of bedrooms available, most common housing type and most common housing style are also available with great graphing for each community page. Best of all transit and information very detailed information about schools in the area are provided as well as local businesses. Check out the "Deal Breaker" tab which lists Starbucks and other coffee spots as well :). Here is an example using my old stomping grounds of High Park. This hyper-local focus essentially makes this 175 real estate mashups in one by the level of detail each unique community gets. It's helpful to people that aren't even looking for a home but who want to learn more about their local community as well! The team at Realosophy has done a fantastic job and their resuling app should be considered a model for all Google Maps real estate mashups worldwide!

Google Maps mashup of Canadian Universities:

University-Maps is a great College and University Campus mashup for all schools across Canada. This mashup can serve many purposes; Act as a campus map for each of these schools (clear satellite imagery a prerequisite), help you find contact details about each school or let you learn more about each institution by linking off to its Wikipedia article. Search for schools based on language as well (French, English or Bilingual).

Skiing in Canada Google Maps mashup:

Bob Bolt informs us of this new mashup devoted to the major ski resorts of Canada (BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec are included). Choose a province, then dive in to view detailed information about skiing and boarding resorts. Google search is integrated throughout the site to help you query for resort accommodations and a small inset Google Map on each resort page will show you the terrain for the area.

Add the following Canadian "Mapplets" to your My Maps tab on Google Maps to make your own mega-mashup of all the content by viewing it directly from within Google Maps:
For more Canadian Google Maps mashups click the "Canada" label below!
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