Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New ways to embed, search & maintain your maps!

Embed a panoramic Google Maps Street View! - Hot on the heels of a 6 city Google Maps Street View update comes the launch of "embeddable panoramas". Now you can embed a panoramic image from street view in the same way you can embed a Google Map! Here's a sample view from just outside the arena of the greatest hockey team in the NHL: :)

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Comments, ratings and top links added for My Maps:

This Google LatLong Blog post introduces some awesome new features for My Maps (Google's easy maps creation tools). If you're busy creating maps in the My Maps tab on Google Maps you are being rewarded with ways to learn more about the visitation of the map you've built and what people think! Follow the directions contained on this post to find out how many views your map has received, what the overall rating of the map is and who is linking to it. I've long maintained that the Google Maps mashup craze is creating a new chapter in the history of the web where the map is the web page. These tools help you, the "mapmaster" to take control, gain feedback on your work and be inspired to make your map even better! :)

Confessions of a (Google Maps) search box - Learn about new Google content that has been added to Google Maps search: Panoramio pics, YouTube vids and Google Book Search pages

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