Wednesday, January 31, 2007

List of 53 Los Angeles Google Maps Mashups

LA Google Maps Mashup Roundup!

Alright LA, I've spent considerable time combing my collection of Google Maps mashups to bring the following roundup to you! For those of you living in the Los Angeles area, this list of Google Maps mashups will help you do everything from searching for real estate info, planning your next night out or just simply exploring your great city on the web in ways you never have before. For those traveling to LA, use it to get around and to learn what LA has to offer... Enjoy!

11 great Google Maps Mashups to get you started..
  • Real-time LA Emergency events - Real-time map of Police, Fire and 911 Events
  • My California Traffic: LA - Shows real-time traffic conditions on all LA area freeways. To get started, select Los Angeles from the list.
  • Track inbound flights to LAX - Real-time flight tracker for all inbound flights to LAX.
  • LA Weather Mashup - Current conditions, forecasts, weather cams. Lots of weather info for LA.
  • LA Starbucks Map - Map of all LA Starbucks locations.. Search for Los Angeles, CA to get started!
  • LA Life - A great LA Real Estate resource with things like home info, community safety and school data to help you out
  • Trulia LA - Currently mapping 1180 LA properties for sale with an fantastic user interface
  • LA Beer Map - Find brewpubs, breweries, beer bars, beer stores and homebrew stores in LA
  • LA FastFood Map - Mapping every McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Wendy's, KFC, Jack in the Box, Hardee's, Carl's Jr. and In-N-Out in LA
  • Wikimapia LA - Describes hundreds of locations throughout the LA area. Take a look and add your own locations!
  • Sightseeing with Google Satellite Maps: LA - Scroll down through the list to see a great list of LA points of interest and landmarks zoomed in on a Google satellite map.

Now head over to this page for the entire list (53 Mashups)..

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Google Maps Mashups of NYC Coffeehouses

New York City Coffee Map - If you're on the lookout for an independent New York City Coffeehouse, can help. They've assembled a database of indie coffee spots, organized by neighborhood throughout the city. Start at the Map or drill down by neighborhood where each has its own community page, complete with Google Map to show all coffeehouses in that area. (Take the East Village for example). Don't see your favorite Coffeehouse listed? Suggest it!

Looking for a Starbucks in NYC?

Okay, so maybe you're a big Starbucks fan.. If you need a map to find one (since it appears there is one almost every block!) be sure to keep Pentura's FindByClick Coffee Mashup in your bookmarks file for quick and easy reference to one of the hundreds of Starbucks locations throughout the city! Choose United States -> New York, NY to bring up the NYC Starbucks Map. If you're out walking the streets of New York, use the mobile version of this great app.

If you're looking for a specific Coffeehouse or shop, you can also use Google Maps itself to locate businesses throughout the city..

Check out more cool Google Maps mashups for NYC here..

Monday, January 29, 2007

LookLOCAL is a Google Maps mega travel mashup!

Idelix is back to build on their "Pliable Display Technology" (PDT) with LookLOCAL which has been described on their website: "..LookLOCAL beta 2 is now online with great new travel planning features! Use LookLOCAL to map your route, check for traffic incidents, and take a look at traffic cams before you set out. Going on a holiday? Check out some "best of" travel destinations or view and explore your own KML files.":

I call this a mega-mashup since 12 world travel lists from such sources as Lonely Planet, Golf Magazine and Travel and Leisure are combined with Google Maps. These lists include:
  • Top 10 Value Destinations (Lonely Planet)
  • Top 10 Beaches (Sherman's Travel)
  • Top 10 Resorts (World Travel Awards)
  • Top 10 Ski Destinations (
  • Top 10 Cruise Destinations (Hillman Wonders & CruiseShipCenters)
  • Top 10 Wedding Destinations (Romantic Travel)
  • Top 25 Golf Courses (Golf Magazine)
  • Top 10 Eco-Tourist Destinations (Sherman's Travel)
  • Top 25 Adventure Destinations (National Geographic Adventure)
  • Top 10 Wine Regions (Sherman's Travel)
  • Top 10 Man-Made Wonders (Sherman's Travel)
  • Top 10 Spas (Travel and Leisure)

As mentioned, this mashup also allows you to add your own points to the map by overlaying a KML placemark file after inserting the URL of the hosted KML into the map viewing pane. LookLOCAL also includes a tri-map viewing option that includes Google Maps, Windows Live Local, and Yahoo! Maps.. so be sure to have Google Maps toggled on from the top. ;)

I first mentioned the Idelix viewer back in June/06 when they launched Maps By Idelix. "PDT" brings you a Google Maps magnifying glass that when dragged around the map magnifies up to 4X more than the current zoom level and also allows you to toggle satellite or map view for only your magnifier. Don't take my word for it.. Give it a try.

More info about LookLOCAL can be found on

Looking for more Google Maps Travel Mashups? Try this post or this category here on Google Maps Mania.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Google Maps Creation Tools and Resources - Part 11

(Parts 1-10 here..)

Do-It-Yourself Google Maps Creation Tools (See Parts 9 and 10 for more):

Atlas - A Google Maps creator for online publishers
Gplotter - Very simple Google Maps creator
Mapygon Updates - Has just implemented polygons. (Example 1, Example 2)
Wedding Mapper - Create a great online Google Map for your wedding!
Sanoodi - Map, monitor and share your leisure activities on Google Maps How-To video - A great video tutorial for
MTBGuru - Upload your GPS data from bike rides, hikes etc..
DiscoverMachine - Lets people share and annotate GPS data on Google Maps
MapLib updates - Added custom marker icons, tags, atlas (set of pictures), groups, legend, permission control and more..
Useamap Updates - The "TinyURL for Google Maps" has some updates: travel directions, image gallery, embed the map into any webpage.. Check out the blog for more details..
(More Maps Creation Tools here..)

Recent Posts from The Google Maps API Blog:

Googolgon, Anyone? -> GPolygon Example
KML on Google Maps
Drive More Traffic to Your Maps API Site - Include KML Files in Your Sitemap
Japanese Address and Placename Support Added to the Geocoding API

Google Maps API and Mashup Tools and Resources:

AddressFix - GeoTag your blog, site or feed
Google Maps 3D VR Stylesheet for Joomla - From the creator: "add the ability to include VRML models inside the placemarks info window using Google Maps API component for Joomla. So, you can convert Google SketchUp models to wrl or x3d and include them in the map.
Mash up GeoWalk on your website - See the "download" link at the bottom left. Lets you integrate GeoWalk as a Flash app on your site.
Auto Zoom Out - Auto zooms you when there is no resolution (From Esa Ojala)
ZMarker: Markers too close together - not anymore (From Esa Ojala)
Google Maps Icon Shadowmaker

Google Maps Creation Tools and Resources Part 1 - 10 Here.. (plus more tools)
Google Maps Creation Tools
Google Maps Viewing Tools

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Real stories about real people trying to get on Google Maps

Update (Jan.27/07): Photos of the Google plane passing over Sydeny are now available.. See below!

The Sydney Morning Herald chronicles the Australia Day Sydney Google Maps flyover in a series of news articles and blog posts. Google sent an airplane over the city Friday to take aerial photos that, if clear enough, will be included on Google Maps. Google encouraged Sydneysiders to come out and show their spirit during the event and these stories and photos will show you what was happening on the ground:

Google's Sydney flyover - This post from the Sydney Morning Herald "Mashup Blog" includes many photos of people trying to be included in the photo shoot.

Dotcoms line up for a free plug

Love letters from Aaron, writ large

Google gives Sydney, Aust., business free advertising

Google Maps Mania reader Gary Brewer sent a great shot of the Google plane that was taking the aerial photos on Friday. Check out his blog post for more! Looks like it was a very clear day..

Photo courtesy of

Another photo from Flickr user Psinewave:

Another from Psinewave here.., and Google has a shot of the plane sitting on the runway here..

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

World Shaded Relief Google Map

Jon Parker of Spain has added an interesting layer to the regular Google Maps view that will help with visual recognition of terrain features all over the world: has been created a custom layer in Google maps using "srtm30+ and srtm90 dem's and used VMAP0 sea, lake and river overlays to create a shaded relief layer. The layer compliments Google Maps satellite viewing well. To add to the viewing experience Jon has mashed up the cool viewing layer with the database which contains over 8 million geographical names (rivers, mountains, lakes etc..) This will let you plot these geo features directly to the map. . Jon is planning to add more search features soon. Jon also explains his progress: "..We have uploaded up to zoom level 8 completely and have the northern hemisphere of level 9 completed - Southern Hemisphere in progress - just 60,000 tiles to go!"

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wikipedia Geo-Browsing Google Maps Mashup

Wikipedia-Google Maps GeoBrowser: Pediax:

Sören Auer's Pediax is a "Geo-Browsing Google Maps mashup for Wikipedia". Here is a description from Sören: "..Pediax displays geo-referenced Wikipedia articles (currently over 50,000) on a Google map. It shows the 20 most popular places/articles in the currently selected map area. The popularity is derived from the Pediax page views. On moves or zooming of the map area the respective places/articles are updated. Also Pediax provides a user interface for Wikipedia, which is largely based on AJAX, thus enabling previews of images or referenced articles without reloading the current Wikipedia page, type-ahead searches and much more." It's a cool concept - the number of geo-referenced article shows up beside "All" - From there the top 20 from that number is displayed on the map. It's an interesting way to view a subsection of Wikipedia articles. More info about Pediax can be found here.

Other Wikipedia Mashups:

Google Maps Mashup: Top 10 World WiFi Beaches

Planning a holiday but don't want to be without an Internet connection while soaking up the sun on that relaxing beach? Never fear! points you to the Top 10 World Beaches which feature WiFi connectivity along their water-lapping shores.

New Wifi Maps:

HotSpotr: US Community WiFi Cafe Hotspots
Free WiFi hotspots in Germany

Existing Wifi Maps:

Monday, January 22, 2007

Want to be on Google Maps? Be in Sydney, Australia Jan. 26th!

Google is planning to take aerial photos of the city of Sydney, Australia on January 26th, 2007 and it has invited everyone to take part! They've set up a Google Maps powered plane-tracker website that will tell you what time the plane is expected for various times in the day by clicking within the fly-zone of the plane:

Here is an excerpt from the site:

"...Google Australia is celebrating Australia Day 2007 by photographing Sydney Harbour from the air, and we want to make sure as many of us as possible squeeze into the picture.
So when you see the Google branded plane flying overhead this January 26th, hoist a sign, arrange your family into a fun formation or just get a bunch of friends together to wave. "

Sites to read more:

Official Page: Australia Day 2007 on Google Maps
Sydney Morning Herald: Google wants to put you on the map - Stephen Hutcheon gets the scoop on the event from Google Australia's head of engineering, Lars Rasmussen.
Mashup Blog (SMH): Smile for the Google cameras

Recent Post: Google Maps Australia is now live (with new Aus mashups)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Google Maps Australia is now live

It appears Australia now has it's own domain for Google Maps. Google Maps went live with streets, roads and place names back on May 18th, 2006. Google Maps Mania reader Chris Clarke explains the experience prior to today in his email tipping us off on the new domain: "Australia's had its own street directory for a while now, but you've had to type Australia in your search each time."

Other Google Maps "domains": USA, Canada, UK & Ireland, Netherlands, Japan, China, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Planet Mars, The Moon, Google Maps for Enterprise

New Google Maps Mashups for Australia:
Previous Australia Google Maps Mashup Roundup Posts:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Google Maps Mania links for 2007-01-20

Friday, January 19, 2007

Marvelously Monetized Mauritius Map Mashup

A bilingual (English and French) Mauritius Google Maps Mashup:

I like a good tourism Google Maps Mashups (For a list of my suggestions, check here). I believe tourism mapping applications are really adding a new dimension to the online travel fact finding experience. I really like this next travel mashup because I think it represents a nice, simple example of what a regional travel maps mashup can be. is a Google Maps powered travel resource for people visiting or living in the island country of Mauritius. It features most all Beaches, Attractions, Hotels and Supermarkets around the island and lets you select any or all of them to display on the map. Enable close-up views to auto-zoom to the location that you select (be sure to click the map marker, not the label). Within each infowindow a nice photo and helpful descriptive text is contained, along with Google Adsense ads right within the window. I thought this was unique and not something that is common in most Google Maps mashups that I see. I would presume the ads for Mauritius would all be highly relevant to visitors so I would think this extra revenue might really help the application generate some cash flow for the creators.

Overall I find this to be a nice, simple mashup that could be used to model other small island tourism mapping applications after..

Check out more great travel and tourism mashups here and here.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Google Mapping NYC Hospital Closures and "No-Freedom Zones"

Google Mapping New York City Hospital Closures:

Health Care That Works has established a Google Maps mashup of hospital closure data over the past 2 decades (using 1985, 1995, and 2005 as their data points), and combined them with racial and income data for the 5 boroughs for those 3 years. Here is the intro text from the map: "..Eighty-nine percent of New Yorkers agree that health care is a human right. Yet our current health care system leaves far too many people to fend for themselves. Often, those left behind come from low-income communities or communities of color. See for yourself the disproportionate impact that recent hospital closures have on these communities, and then take action by emailing your state officials." Race and Income maps were created by the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity using census data. Will James ( of NYC subway map fame put the site together for us and did all the Google Maps magic. Learn more about Health Care That Works here..

Mapping New York City Council's Support of the First Amendment - From the map: "..The NYPD wants to severely restrict our right to publicly assemble with new parade permit rules! ...and ONLY City Council can stop them!" Blue zones on the map indicate "Councilors For Free Speech" while Red zones note "Councilors Against Free Speech". This map, also created by Will of OnNYTurf, has an accompanying blog post that gives more information and background on the issue. This blog post allows for conversation through the comment post area so if you have thoughts either way on this, head over to weigh in.

..Both of these are great examples of how Google Maps mashups can be used to illustrate your opinion or spotlight an issue, building community awareness in the process!

More NYC Google Maps Mashups are here

Nice Colorado Real Estate Google Maps Mashup is a cool real estate mashup with great Google Maps work: features a great mapping implementation which pulls in data from and displays it using Google Maps. The user interface is amazing and it employs some interesting Google Maps development to display hundreds of map markers. The creator of this mashup explains: "It uses the default Google Maps API with some custom AJAX work to plot markers server-side, dramatically increasing the number of markers that can be shown on the map. This solves the problem with Google Maps getting bogged down by large numbers of markers." To give it a try, run a detailed home search (if you're a serious Colorado home buyer) or directly click the "Search" button under the "Quick Search" area on the main page. Nice work!

More Housing and Real Estate Mashups can be found here and here..

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Google Maps Starbucks, Tim Horton's Coffee Finder Update


Pentura Solutions continues to improve the most caffeinated Google Maps mashup on the web. is the place to find 10,418 Starbucks locations in the US, Canada and Hong Kong and 3,046 Tim Hortons locations in Canada, US and Afghanistan (yes, Afghanistan). They have completely overhauled the user interface (it looks fantastic) and have added heaps more locations. They have links (on this page - look at the very bottom) to copies of the Tim Hortons and Starbucks databases used in this mashup, in case someone wants to create their own mashup! Be sure to also find the 4 Easter Eggs on this site.. and post a comment when you find them!

The FindByClick team is able to index more locations than Starbucks and Tim Hortons' own store finder apps through a small but growing community of volunteers that help them tweak and expand their database.

Pentura's Kevin MacDonald has this to say about the growing FindByClick community:

"..We have been helped by individuals in Ireland, Germany, Canada and Hong Kong. One member of our community is Vinko Tsui from Hong Kong. He was responsible for compiling the location and other attributes for all Starbucks in Hong Kong. Over time, we expect to rely solely on our community of volunteers to keep expanding our database rather than the data feeds we currently receive directly from Tim Hortons and Starbucks. If you are interested in mapping and would like to help us out, please visit our site and go to the community page for more information."

Other parts of the site include:

FindByClick's Mobile Service - Check out how you can bring this Coffee Finder with you and never go without knowing where that Starbucks is across the US or where the nearest Tim Horton's location is to where your son/daughter is playing hockey this weekend!

FindByClick Coffee Stats - Lots of interesting stats, maps and tables about Tim Hortons and Starbucks in the US and Canada. Kevin shares these fun stats for both Starbucks and Tim Hortons with us:
  • Vermont has the fewest number (4) of Starbucks of any state; Wyoming is second with 12.
  • Nova Scotia has the highest per-capita concentration of Tim Hortons of any province (18.73 stores per 100,000 people); New Brunswick comes second with 15.75 followed by Prince Edward Island -- The Maritimes sure loves their Tim Hortons!
  • District of Columbia has the highest per-capita concentration of Starbucks of any state (12 per 100,000 people); Washington comes second (9.77 per 100,000)
..And more from Kevin on the technical aspects of this great mashup:

The FindByClick main web page is divided into fixed-sized cells. The content and user-interaction within each cell is handled by a portlet. One portlet handles the selection of coffee brands, another, the list of coffee shops; other portlets handle the map itself, placename selection, and a "people spotlight" at the top-right corner of the page.

Each portlet is a JavaScript object that resides and runs within the browser. A portal controller manages the initialization and execution of these portlet objects and periodically returns control back to the browser so that it can handle its own events (otherwise, the browser would "lock up" like a confused AJAX application.)

Portlets access data on the server through a set of proxy services, which are also managed by the portal controller. Each proxy service is connected, asynchronously, to a Java-based web services running back on the server.

Check out the FindByClick Coffee Map Mashup to find out if there's a closer Starbucks than the one you're regularly visiting.. or if you're traveling, use it to scope out where you'll get your fix of that coveted Starbucks or Tim Hortons brew!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

U.S. Google Maps Mashups: Fortune's Top 100, MSU, Tornadoes, Boston, Delaware

Google Map of Fortune's 2007 100 Best Companies - Virender Ajmani Google maps the 2007 Fortune 100 Best Companies List by home city in the US. Coming in at #1... Google!

Michigan State University Transit and Campus Map: Spartylive - Spartylive is a great campus transit mashup helping students get around the Michigan State University campus and surrounding area. All buildings locations are marked with information and links to other pages. (More info in this MSU news release)

US Tornado History Map Project - Josh Lietz has created a great Google Maps mashup of the National Weather Service historical tornado data file (1950-2005). It allows users to search all tornadoes from the database and display the results on a Google Map. When the data is available (i.e. if the data is given in the NWS historical data file), an approximate tornado path is shown using a polyline.

What to eat in Boston - features Boston area restaurant ratings and reviews mapped by neighborhood. Over 100 restaurants have already listed but the creator is hoping to attract visitors to fill out reviews and add more restaurants!

Delaware State of Deleware Department of Transportation + Google Maps - Check out this great transportation mashup with smooth live streaming video from traffic cameras, weather and other alerts mapped. Polylines showing county boundaries and zip code searching let you show regions and look up events by specific area.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Google Maps API now shows India, Hong Kong and Singapore

Geo developer Virender Ajmani has tipped off Google Maps Mania to the fact that recently added street, roads and points of interest for India, Hong Kong and Singapore are now visible to those sites using the Google Maps API. Previously this map data was viewable only Google Maps.

Check out the Google Maps API Blog or Google Maps API site for more information about the API.

Canada Google Maps Mashup Roundup Part 4


(See more Google Maps mashups by country..)

Travel Alberta Google Maps - Here's a great example of a tourism maps mashup in action. The province of Alberta has integrated a Google Maps application into their fantastic visitor website (Click 'Maps' on right-hand side). The map allows you to toggle National Parks, Airports, UNESCO sites (of which there are 5) and all cities and towns in Alberta. There are links to official websites, weather and driving directions to many of the places around this beautiful Canadian province from this mashup.

Ski Alberta Live - From Travel Alberta comes this cool Ski Resort mashup for the province of Alberta. With some of the best skiing in the world on offer, use this mashup to plot locations, find websites for all resorts and get driving directions.

MapIQ: Ontario educational assessment results.. Mapped! - EQAO (Education Quality and Accountability Office) conducts province-wide assessments at the primary, junior and secondary levels in Ontario to measure student achievement against curriculum expectations. University of Waterloo student Mark Hopson has created a great Google Maps mashup to explore this data for Ontario high schools. He explains: "..Each school is associated with a coloured point, where the colour is determined by the score the school received. This leaves the user with a topological profile of Ontario in regards to how well each school performed on the EQAO tests and therefore the quality of education within that particular part of Ontario."

New Toronto Google Maps Mashups:
More Canadian Google Maps Mashups..

More Canada Roundup Posts: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Check out more Google Maps mashups by country..

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Poland Google Maps Mashup Roundup


Great Warsaw Google Maps Mashup - Students of Warsaw University of Technology created the first and most comprehensive Google Maps mashups for capital of Poland - Warsaw. It shows locations of popular places like theaters, cinemas, restaurants, pubs, gyms, etc. It is combined with detailed place descriptions, ratings and a comment system. Currently it's in Polish language only but the customized icons should allow it to be self-explanatory. Use it if you live in Warsaw or if you are traveling to this great world city!

Karol Papala of the Polish Google Maps blog Google Maps w Polsce helps us out with a roundup of other new Polish mashups: (Check here for the English version) - This is a site where you can create your own map, send a map link to your friends and embed it within your webpage. (Check here for the English version) - Site where you can add places, events, photos and movies on map.

Wrocek road repairs - See the main site for a social calendar of events in Wroclaw (Poland). Big database of places (pubs, clubs, theaters, cinemas, hotels).

Lodz City Map - Similar to built around city of Lodz (Wroclaw). - Site where you can make your own trip/travel blog. - Social site where you can make your own profile, add friends and gather in groups. In this mashup you can search people who live next to you.

Go Wykop this post! :)

Google Maps Mania links for 2007-01-14

Friday, January 12, 2007

Real-time world health and terrorism Google Maps mashups global disease alert mapping mashup

I introduced you to Healthmap back in October and it was instantly one of my favorite maps mashups. It's co-creator Clark Freifeld dropped me a line to let me know that it has undergone an update. The mashup still mashes up with a data sources including ProMED-Mail, the World Health Organization, EuroSurveillance and Google News and now includes finer-grained locations in the US,
Canada, UK, China, Australia and India, with more to come. There is also a new
Heat Index algorithm indicating where the current hotspots are. Take a look at my earlier post about Healthmap to learn more about it. is a global display of terrorism and other suspicious events

GlobalIncidentMap is a Google Maps mashup that will keep you up to date on the current state of terrorism all over the world. A world map displays icons of various reported incidents and activity (I'm not sure I'm a big fan of the blinking map markers). Clicking on any of these icons will bring you to an "event detail" page containing a closer zoomed in map, event summary and description. On this page you'll also find a link to a current news report about the event. The front page also features a list of the most recent 25 events, and types of incidents grouped together. [Via ProgrammableWeb]

Related Mashup: US Homeland Security Best and Worst Prepared Cities

Google map your Nintendo Wii friends on WiiMap

+ Nintendo = allows you to map your Nintendo Wii's number, as well as view others who have done the same. When you see someone you want to add, simply click the "Request" button on their map marker and your friend request will be sent to them. Over 6000 Wiis have been mapped worldwide, with hundreds being added daily. It is optimized for the new Wii Internet Channel, but also works great with regular desktop browsers.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Google Maps mashup bar + club + liquor locator

PartyGPS is a new Google Maps mashup that will help you locate bars, clubs, and liquor stores across the US. The mashup creator worked with a web designer in Portugal and a developer in Bulgaria to make PartyGPS a reality.

Start your quest for the great night out (or in) by choosing from a list of 19 US cities or key in your zip code for location-based searching. Bars, clubs and liquor stores are then displayed on the map with distinctive icons. Click them and get brief information about that location or view its own expanded entry in the Party GPS database by clicking either the name of the place or 'details and reviews'. This details page contains other locations nearby, a link to the website for that business, reviews, tags and more (with a small Google Maps viewing window).

The value of this site for people visiting will definitely increase as more locations are added. A link in the top banner area of the site labeled 'Add New Location' lets you quickly add bars, clubs and liquor stores in your area. Be sure to also add reviews for places you have visited!

Cool mashup!

Follow all the developments for PartyGPS on the PartyGPS Blog.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Google Newsmap mashes up 29 live TV news feeds

Keir Clarke, creator of the popular Virtual Tourism video map has created yet another video maps mashup. His Newsmap mashup sees 29 live tv news streams plotted on to a world Google Map for you to browse and watch. 14 English news feeds are available including ABC, NBC, BBC and CBC while 15 other feeds play in other languages. Each of the video feeds opens up in a window above the map pin and plays in Windows Media Player (which you will need to have installed). Newsmap makes for an interesting and interactive way to browse video news by map!

Find more News Maps Mashups in the Current Events category (along the right side of this blog)

Watch Dubai take shape on Google Maps

Dubai Online Maps - has created an interesting maps section of their website that displays locations of hotels, malls, attractions, activities, real estate developments and transport. Pins are aranged on a Google satellite map of the area with links to different parts of the site with additional content. There are also YouTube videos incorporated so you can take a look at user-generated video for that particular location. Here are some examples with video links: Burj Al Arab, Bastakia Quarter. The creators have even embedded the video I took of my landing when I recently visited Dubai! :) Street maps are not yet available for Dubai but this arrangement of Dubai points of interest will give you general idea of where all of Dubai's hotspots are located.

Satellite Sightseeing:
The satellite imagery for Dubai will definitely give you a sense of the impact Dubai is trying to have on the world. A very interesting post from GoogleSightseeing titled "Building the World in Dubai" shows you a bird's eye view of land reclamation project taking place that is to resemble the landmasses of the world!

See my previous Dubai post..

Google Maps Mashup of Plane Crashes

AVCRASH is a new Google Maps mashup created by Aviation Marine Insurance Services that plots specific locations of plane crashes throughout North America. Sort crash incidents by year, airport vicinity, type of aircraft, US state and more. You can also plot only mid-air crashes that have taken place. You'll need to be sure to narrow down your search since this mashup isn't yet capable of displaying large groups of pins (nothing over 20 at one time). A message displays indicating this will be possible as server capacity is increased in the coming days. Each incident is mashed up with a full report from the National Transportation Safety Board and photos (if available) from

The map obviously creates a sense of urgency for those aircraft and helicopter owners who can promptly ask for a free quote from Aviation Marine Insurance Services while using this mapping app. :)
[Via Search Engine Journal]