Sunday, February 17, 2008

100 Things to do with Google Maps Mashups

Just in case you missed it over the past few weeks my 100 Things to do with Google Maps Mashup List has lit up the web and blogosphere! It managed to climb to the top of Digg (and stay there for 24 hrs),, and was posted on countless blogs all over the world. Elinor Mills at C|Net even wrote a feature post all about it! I realized that for nearly 15,000 of you subscribed to Google Maps Mania via your RSS/News readers you may not know that this list is linked from the right sidebar of the Google Maps Mania website. Since I don't recall ever mentioning the full 100 things list in a post before - this one is for you! Also remember that 38 categories of Google Maps mashups are also featured on the web version of this blog, so be sure to swing by to have a look sometime!

The '100 Things' list was born out of 4 separate posts I did across 2006 - 2007. When Philipp Lenssen from Google Blogoscoped asked me for the individual links for each post, I decided to create one page to house all 100 to make it easy for everyone. The list is intended to bring together a collection of great mashups I have reviewed in the past, with a focus on each one being geographically broad, useful, and fun to use. We all know a good website keeps you coming back, so the aim of this list was to give you 100 reasons to go back to these great Google Maps mashups over and over again! I hope you enjoy perusing the list as much as I did putting it together! :)
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