Thursday, March 13, 2008

Google Maps Voice Map.. Now we're talking!

Record your voice to describe points on the map!

My own voice map demo

Here's something I've never come across - A do it yourself Google Maps builder that allows you to record your voice and associate it with a marker on the map! The My Vox Voice API has made all of this possible and the process to add a pin to the map and record your voice is quite easy (and fun)! Check out a demo by visiting The Google Maps Voice Recorder and select "Add Marker" to get started. Place the pin, then click the "Call in Audio" button. Call the number that pops up using your land-line or mobile phone and then enter the PIN number. After a short audio advertisement you're then prompted to record some audio about that map marker. Record the audio and complete the call. Keep an eye on the map marker you've created as you wrap up. It instantly turns into an audio player with your audio ready to be played directly from the Google Map. I decided to place a marker and give it a try for myself. I placed a marker on the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada and recorded myself describing this point of interest. The tool gave me a URL to share here on my blog! The entire process took a minute or so. These are great demos of how this technology can be used and I hope Google Maps API developers can find other cool ways to voice-enable their mashups using this API!

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