Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The News Brought to You by Google Maps

MetaCarta's GeoSearch News

GeoSearch News brings you the latest news from around the world embedded on a Google Map. Whilst this is not a new idea, what sets GeoSearch News apart is the sheer scale of its news search and its ability to intelligently locate and place those news items.

Geosearch indexes more than 1,400 national, international and local news sources every hour in addition to direct feeds from the Associated Press and Reuters. It extracts location information from those stories and then places the stories on a Google Map. To establish the correct location of a news item GeoSearch does not just look at the first sentence but analyses the whole story and therefore is able to distinguish say Paris, France from Paris, Texas.

The news can be browsed via a number of categories, such as health, politics, sports, and world news. You can also browse via the map. Repositioning the map and zooming in on a location will update the search results to provide you with the news of that location.

Clicking on a news headline and that news story replaces the map on the page. The map can be brought back by clicking on a tab above the story. Click on another story and another tab is added. It is therefore possible to quickly navigate between various stories and the map.

This map quickly made it to my list of favorites!

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Via: Mapping News by Mapperz

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