Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Google App Engine With Google Maps

Last night Google launched the Google App Engine, which allows developers to run their web applications on Google's infrastructure. The new service allows developers to make use of Google's database BigTable and data store service GFS and will make it easier for developers to scale from one user to one million by taking advantage of Google’s scalable infrastructure.

Perhaps unsurprisingly just hours after its release two Google Maps Mashups have already emerged that have been built on the Google App Engine.


BarBound is a social network for San Francisco that allows users to create a plan for a night out based on what their friends are doing. Instead of calling or texting everyone to find out where they are, users can find out ahead of time and plan before leaving home.

BarBound aggregates all the user contributed itineraries and shows the hottest places to go for any particular day along with the all time bars and areas of the city. Therefore before you start planning your night out you can check that evening's hot places on a Google Map. It is also possible to check on the map the hottest bars of all time.

On the simplest level you can use BarBound just to read reviews of bars and find out where they are.


Carpool is a nice Google Mapplet that lets you search for a carpool for your daily commute. The application couldn't be easier to use. Users enter start and finish locations of their journey and the times that they wish to travel and the application displays the available carpools for that journey on Google Maps.

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