Monday, April 28, 2008

Google Maps Reviews

When you use the 'Find businesses' option in Google Maps the search results normally come with reviews. Google retrieves the reviews from lots of different web sites. Of course those web sites in turn often embed Google Maps in their reviews.

If you are thinking of eating out or booking a hotel then these sites are a great resource to help you make the best choice.

Here is a quick breakdown of a number of sites that appear in Google Local Search reviews who also use Google Maps in their sites:


Qype claims to be the largest user-generated local review site in Europe but actually reviews restaurants, bars and businesses throughout the world. Like many of the sites that are featured in Google Maps' reviews Qype is built on user-generated reviews and recommendations.

It is possible to search Qype by area. If you choose this option Qype displays a Google Map with tags of local businesses. Clicking on a tag will take you to the reviews of that business and a zoomed in map of its location. - allows users to search restaurants by type and location. You can search by type of restaurant and location, e.g pizzerias in New York. features user submitted reviews.

InsiderPages - InsiderPages returns user reviews of local businesses. Like it is possible to search on a Google Map by type of business and location.

ViewLondon - ViewLondon provides user reviews of restaurants, bars and clubs in London. Search results are tagged on a Google Map and it is possible to search for similar venues near by.

GrayBoxx - GrayBoxx also utilises user reviews but also uses its own 'PreferenceScoring' system for local businesses. Individual search results are tagged on a Google Map.

11870 - 11870 similarly contains user reviews of places and services. Users can also submit photos and videos. Results of searches can be viewed on Google Maps.

TravelPost - TravelPost provides user reviews of hotels around the world. Individual hotels are tagged on a Google Map.

Mobil Travel Guide - Mobil Travel Guide provides hotel reviews from Mobil’s own hotel inspectors. Hotels are then tagged on a Google Map.

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