Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The London Profiler Google Map

Since we featured the The London Profiler back in January the map has gone to garner a lot of publicity. It has even been reviewed by the BBC.

Now University College London have got back in touch to say that they have added even more data to this impressive map.

One of the new data layers displays the relative concentration of ethnic groups in London. The last government census in the UK surveyed only 16 ethnic categories. 20% of Londoners however are from ethnic groups outside those categories.

The London Profiler uses people's names to go beyond those sixteen categories. The London Profiler uses the names listed on the electoral register to determine the ethnic make-up of London in much greater detail than the census.

Showing this data on a Google Map throws up some interesting results. For example, people with names of Polish origin seem to concentrate in a ring around central London corresponding to Zone 3 on the London Underground.

Combining information on ethnicity with data on deprivation also in the profiler throws up interesting avenues for further research and evaluation.

The London Profiler also contains a little Easter egg. Type in 'room106' in the kml search box and some portraits of the Geography Department at UCL appears on the map.

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