Sunday, April 20, 2008

Search for Mapped Web Pages in Google Maps

Google Maps has a new option to allow you to restrict your search to 'mapped web pages'. If you choose this new option Google searches web pages for mentions of your search term alongside a location. It then extracts a snippet of the relevant text and tags it on Google Maps.

In the example above I have searched for 'Einstein' and restricted the search to the 'mapped web pages' option. The result is like a mapped biography of the German-born physicist, showing me on the map where he was born, lived and worked.

It also possible to refine your search. For example, suppose I'm not really interested in where Einstein was born but just want to know whether he has any connections with MIlan - I can use the search operators
near or in to establish if Einstein has any connection with the Italian city. The search "Einstein in Milan" produces a mapped information window that informs me that Einstein moved to Milan in 1894.

Via: Google Operating System

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