Thursday, April 03, 2008

Street View on Rocket Fuel

Street View Driver is a driving game that uses the new street view feature of Google Maps. The map is still under development but already it allows the user to navigate around a Google Map using street view as the interface. It is quite hypnotic to just press accelerate and let Street View Driver take you where it will.

Video Panoramas gives a taste of what street view would be like if Google used video instead of still images. The video panorama appears in a pop window above the Google Map and like street view you can pan around inside the panorama. However unlike Google's street view these panoramas are moving videos.

At the moment there are only two video panoramas but the site is promising to add panoramas of more cities very soon.

Mapped Big Wheel Race is a demonstration of how to map a YouTube video of a journey. Using the new YouTube API a video is synchronised with Google Maps so that when the location in the video changes a marker on the map also moves.

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