Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Zoom and Go on Google Maps


ZoomAndGo is an impressive social network for tourists and travellers that says it has "the largest collection of user generated travel pictures and videos in the travel industry."

Google Maps plays a central role in accessing ZoomandGo's huge collection of user submitted video and images. The front page of the site features an attractively designed Google Map which showcases the 'most recent', the 'most popular' and the 'editor's picks' of all the submitted content. It is also possible to filter the results by video or picture.

Thumbnails of the tagged videos and pictures are presented in a scrollable bar below the map so it is possible to navigate by the tags on the map or via the thumbnails. When you click on a tag the photo or video opens in an information window.

As well as its impressive use of Google Maps to showcase user submitted content ZoomAndGo also provides Google Maps for individual locations around the world. Each location is given a Google Map with a large number of categorised layers, such as 'building and landmarks', hotels, arts and museums, 'events' etc. Each layer can be turned on or off, so it is possible to view a layer on its own or in combination with any of the other layers.

With ZoomAndGo it is therefore possible to find hotels and places to see on a Google Map and then search the huge collection of photos and videos to view the destination before booking or visiting.

As the site says, 'Live it. Rate it. Shoot it. Share it.'

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