Monday, May 26, 2008

Canada Google Maps Mashup Roundup - May 26/08

StopFinder Toronto:

BlogTo has the scoop on Toronto's latest Google Maps transit and urban nav mashup. StopFinder asks you for your destination, then helps you find parking or transit stops close to that location. Colour coded map markers show you the closest and the cheapest parking lots and types of transit. Perfect for that T.O. tourist, newcomer, or resident looking to traverse the city by transit or car. Check out a great interview with StopFinder's founder by BlogTO's Sameer here..

Montreal Transit Tools: Google Transit: Montreal (Google Maps service) and STM's Tous Azimuts + Google Maps (by Skander Kort)
ParkingHunter is a different kind of parking mashup:

Most parking mashups (such as StopFinder above) help you find a short term parking spot for a few hours or a few days. ParkingHunter is a Google Maps mashup for monthly parking spots in cities throughout Canada. ParkingHunter creates a map-based marketplace for homeowners looking to monetize their available parking space, and to provide a more cost effective parking option for those who need to drive into the downtown core of a city. Right now Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa and other BC, QC and ON locations are included. Find a spot or list yours to make some extra money! (If markers don't immediately show up, zoom in one level).

Homezilla: Newest Canadian housing search tool - Sandy Ward of Toronto dropped me a line to let me know about a tool they are creating called Homezilla. Homezilla lets you enter a specific address and then select various types of amenities in the area: Schools, Child Care Services, Restaurants, Pubs, Coffee Shops, Grocery Stores, Credit Unions and Dog Parks. It's a good tool to add to your arsenal of online housing search tools.

Waterloo Region Record uses My Maps to create weekly incident map:

My local newspaper makes use of Google My Maps to provide a weekly update of incidents that happened in the area. A good, easy example of how media organizations can make use of Google Maps to map their news! :)
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