Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Google Maps Using the Google Earth Browser Pt 2

The new Google Earth plug-in for the browser has been out for a week now. Whilst I was away on a personal jaunt to Geneva developers have been working hard adapting their Google Maps to showcase Google Earth's amazing features. Here are some of the best maps we have have found so far:

Google Earth Hacks

Google Earth Hacks has added an option to view their collection of over 20,000 satellite views with the Google Earth browser plug-in. If you are interested in viewing the world in 3d and with Google Earth's amazing terrain feature Google Earth Hack's huge collection would be a great place to start.

On a different topic Google Earth Hacks also now have a Street View Collection featuring interesting finds submitted by readers.

See Bournemouth

See Bournemouth is an example of the Google Earth Browser being used in conjunction with Wikipedia articles and Panoramio photos. You can even search the map for hotels in Bournemouth, UK.

ArcGIS JavaScript Example
The Flex RIA blog has produced an interesting example that uses ArcGIS JavaScript to add a polygon area to any clicked point showing the area that is within a 3 minute driving time of that point.

TravelPod have also added the Google Earth plug-in so that travellers can now follow travel blogs in 3D. The link above takes you to Lucky's trip across South America.

Bouncing Earth
James Stafford's 3d animation of a bouncing Earth within a Google Earth Browser map is amazing. This example proves that 3d animations are possible with the new browser plug-in which should open up whole new realms of possibilities. 3d models of vehicles moving in real-time as they are tracked in Google Maps is just one idea that springs to mind.

Via: Google Earth Blog

The Google Earth Blog also has a post on a number of other examples using the new Google Earth plug-in called Plug-in Links.

Ogle Earth has a post on the same subject Early adopters of the Google Earth Plug-in. The post also includes a number of interesting examples.

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